About Me

Where to begin?


My Ascendant is in Cancer, my Sun/Moon in Leo and my Rahu in Capricorn. When I was a teenager, I was learning classical piano, studying astronomy and human biology. I had a vision where I could do all 3 of those things, perhaps incorporating 2. Never did I think that my love and curiosity about the planets, our body, our souls, the Universe would translate into this right now! But here I am. Monefa Walker: Musician, Astrologer, Witch are some of the fields I'm known under. I spent a long time in denial about knowledge that I had since I was a child(despite no previous research in my childhood). I spent longer rejecting the part of me that was intuitive, intensely psychic.  that was protecting me and guiding me constantly, whether I consciously accepted it as a fact or not. Now that I have accepted this fact as an adult, life has become one big synchronicity.

Why an occult business?


I spent so long trying to do things in a very rigid Saturnian, Capricornian way which ironically, was blocking some of the karmic lessons and morals I was due to receive in this lifetime. When I disconnected from my true self, the occult world, was when I became very very sick. Coincidence that as my path went back to more spiritual practises I started to recover? Definitely not. I want to now show people that it is possible for them to live their best life right here, right now with what they have currently, who they are and who they're becoming. And my story isn't finished. Still developing my introspection and intuition. I too am continuously growing, evolving, healing thanks to occult practises such as astrology and the craft!

Why work with me?


If you're fed up of being told to only think positive, to then find that you're still stuck with little change, then I'm the person to work with. I help people find the key to their own power, how they may have been getting in the way of their own success, show their power in situations, and how best to continue evolving and growing as a person. This is not just astrology, this also includes shadow integration which I do 1 on 1. Witches, brujas, shamans, healers have been integrating their shadow for millennia, probably why we are so adept at helping others to heal. As Carl Jung said himself "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell". Astrology, cold readings, tarot and even plant magic using beeswax, there are many combined ways you can work with me. The choice is yours.