Why astrology?

Astrology is a time based science, and has been used for millennia. We have yet to fully understand all the electro-magnetic, and other magical processes that go into the psychology of the stars and how they affect us. However, that hasn't stopped us humans continuously studying the stars as far back as 8000 years ago. Like us, astrology has many layers, many facets, many techniques. The more you delve into your chart, the more layer you'll uncover, decipher, understand which you can then develop and evolve. Our birth charts show us everything. Our past lives, our potential, our strengths, our challenges. Astrology can even show us about our medical health, as well as future events and the condition of those events. 

Many make the mistake like tarot, that astrology is there to just tell you why you made those choices, what is coming in your future with no effort or input from yourself. This creates a mis-conception that astrology means we are not in charge of our reality. Astrology came to be BECAUSE we have always been aware that we are co-creators of our reality, albeit on a conscious and/or unconscious level. Astrology shows us what can happen when we choose to act on our free will, and when we don't. It also shows us the machinations and the magical philosophy within the unconscious of the individual and the collective, the Divine unconscious.

How do you know if astrology is right for you?

Do you feel that there is more than what is currently being shown on the surface in society? Are you fed up of people telling you to just accept things you can chang because of their own fears and limitations? If you are ready to learn more about yourself, your evolution as a person as well as, reclaiming your power, then I think it's time you book an astrology reading with me. Astrology can show you to be more objective about all areas of your life, as well as showing you the results of when you choose to change, develop and act on your free will....even with events that are fixed!

Intuitive Astrology

Though I have studied Astrology on/off my whole life, I took the study of this field seriously in the last few years. I have extended my studies to an advanced level thanks to the Astrolada School of Astrology. I'm an intuitive astrologer. This means not only can I read your chart using predictive techniques, but I also pick up additional information in every reading using my intuition. You can't get a more unique reading about yourself, than when you get one from an intuitive astrologer like myself!