Shadow Integration

What is shadow integration?

We have all experienced at least one situation in hindsight, where we acknowledge the good AND bad in a person , situation and that not only manifested your desire, but allowed you to have more emotional control. This is a form of shadow integration, reversing the flow. 

Souls get bored. Energy never dies. When you mix the two together? An insatiable need to only remember the dual self, the ego in this lifetime as we learn, experience, explore. In other words, in order to make sure these lifetimes weren't boring, we chose to forget our unconscious and its power. Instead we bought into our own formed illusion that we are being punished and controlled by a deity or deities. We living organisms aren't as powerless as we make out, and there lies the beautiful paradox: we chose to forget our god-like power by acting on our power and co-creating a reality where that belief becomes core, embedded in our "blueprints". The entire Universe has light AND dark aspects, and as a reflection of the Universe, it would make sense that light AND dark exists, manifests, lives inside all of us too. 

Many separate the journey and integration into 3 component parts: 1.  The brain where we process our ego based conscious and shadow based unsconscious. 2. The old or "reptilian" brain that embodies the collective unconscious(ie: the way we have evolved is thanks to this part of us, through self discovery....another paradox). 3. The limbic system, where we act on and execute the themes and archetypes within our unconscious. In other words: being aware of the Anima and the Animus to tune into the Anima Mundi. 

Now here is the secret that isn't really a secret. The desires in our unconscious that we're taught to hide, be ashamed and in denial about exist in all of us. So, we have the advantage to make these desires conscious, so that they are not interrupting our life constantly. It's a way of our shadow getting our attention, to remember that it also is a part of us like our ego and unconscious. 

How does it work?

Whether it's a fortnight, 1 month or even longer, there are various different practises and meditations I us and share as we work 1 on 1. One of the primary practises I use myself and with clients is a type of shadow meditation created by Carolyn Elliott called "Existential Kink."

Are you wondering why you never seem to have any money no matter how hard you work? Are you fed up and confused as to why you keep attracting the same type of person? Do you keep self sabotaging and beating yourself up, to only self sabotage some more? Are you attracting the same types of relationships where you always feel used? These are just some of the things that we can explore, illuminate and heal by uniting the will of your unconscious AND conscious. Check my homepage or contact me for fee prices.